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A recent Microsoft Ignite session reminded me about how much Windows 10 has changed over the years. We often forget that when we don’t update to newer versions, we miss out on the improved security features in each release.

It’s easy to forget the advances and security features that Windows 10 has added over the years. So, here’s a reminder of the versions that Microsoft has released. Use this information to see what security features you have in your current Windows 10 deployment and determine whether you need the enhanced security of later versions.

Security features in each Windows 10 version

Version 1507, the first Windows 10, or the “release to manufacturing” (RTM) version, included Windows Defender, Windows Hello (passwordless login), Microsoft Edge (based on the original Edge browser), Device Guard, Bitlocker and SmartScreen technology. It had support for in-place upgrades, a voice assistant called Cortana and Continuum (a feature that adjusts a device’s user interface to accommodate different form factors). It is still under support for Enterprise and IoT Enterprise LTSB/LTSC editions.

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