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What is secure multiparty computation?

The term “secure multiparty computation” (SMPC) refers to a collection of algorithms that allow people to work together over a network to find a consensus or compute a value and have faith that the answer is correct. Everyone contributed fairly and there was no cheating.

The idea emerged as cryptographers looked for ways to play games over a network. In the beginning, computers worked by themselves. When networks appeared, programmers found ways for computers to work together on solutions. Today, it’s common for constellations of virtual machines to toil away together until they find the right response. The problem is figuring out how to do it securely while ensuring that no one is cheating.

Theoretical mathematicians have studied idea of multi-party computation for decades. Now the algorithms are starting to emerge from the labs and find a role in the more complicated web applications, APIs, and services being developed.

The new role is found where there’s less trust.

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