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With December the gifts also arrive. This month is characterized by various holidays in which gifts are commonly given, be it Christmas, New Years or end-of-the-year exchanges in schools or offices.

“Although this month also represents extra income for many workers ( Christmas bonus , year-end bonus, etc.), this is not always enough to offset seasonal expenses, particularly if other financial commitments such as the payment of rent or services, as well as the purchase of seasonal dinners ”, says Modesto Gutierrez, president and cofounder of Miio, the first telcobank in Mexico and Latin America.

An analysis by Tiendeo found that in 2020, dinner and Christmas gifts represented an average expense for Mexicans of 4,500 pesos.

However, with good financial planning and additional income support, it is possible to give Christmas gifts, without representing a New Year’s debt. According to Miio, these are 5 ideas to get extra money:

1. Online tutor. Today there are various digital sites where courses are offered, from cooking to crafts, they do not necessarily have to be too technical or specialized knowledge. Take advantage of your skills in any field and prepare a course that helps you share your knowledge and earn extra money.

2. Sell phone recharges . In Mexico there are some financial solutions that allow users to make telephone recharges and obtain a commission in exchange. All this from your mobile application. According to the Third Survey of Users of Telecommunications Services, 71% of users with prepaid service responded that they carry out this type of recharge for amounts of 31 to 100 pesos on a monthly basis, therefore it is a very large market which represents a great opportunity to have an additional income.


3. Take advantage of the marketplace. You can start a small digital business. Thanks to the marketplace you can take your products to a large number of customers. Use the season to your advantage and place merchandise according to the dates.

4. Pollster. Currently there are many companies that pay for people to solve digital surveys, consider this a great option to earn extra money for your Christmas gifts. There are many technological platforms or apps that are dedicated to this.

5. Dog sitter or walker. Having a pet and ensuring the maximum care is a priority for its owners; however, they do not always have time to do it in the best way or they may have to go on a seasonal trip. If you like pets, take advantage of that demand and become a dog sitter or walker .   


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