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The unthinkable just a few months ago has happened: a country has stopped its vaccination program against COVID-19 due to the low rate of infections in recent weeks. This is Denmark and with the decision it becomes the first country in the world to pause its vaccination plan. Through a statement, the National Board of Health explained: “Spring has arrived, vaccination coverage in the Danish population is high and the epidemic has been reversed. Therefore, the National Board of Health is now finalizing extensive vaccination efforts against COVID-19 for this season. This means, among other things, that invitations for vaccination will no longer be sent.”

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According to official data, 89% of the population over twelve years of age already have the complete vaccination schedule and 76% of adults have already received the booster injection .

According to the World O Meter site, the number of infections in the Scandinavian country has decreased in recent days. In fact, on April 25, only 910 cases were registered, after a maximum of 52,002 infections in a single day was reached on February 2. The number of deaths has also decreased considerably: during the last week the maximum per day was 21, although the average was ten.

As the Danish Health Division declared to Fortune magazine, the situation is “favorable”: “We will continue to closely monitor the development of the epidemic, and we are ready to resume the general vaccination program if the need arises before a new outbreak begins. COVID-19 season in the fall,” he added.

Although invitations will no longer be sent from May 15, there will still be vaccines in health centers for those who wish to apply them. People at risk may receive a fourth booster dose. It is believed that, despite the relaxation in vaccination, it will be resumed when autumn arrives and another possible peak of infections for the season.


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