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Since before it debuted in the streaming market, one thing was certain: Disney + would be a success. With a solid lineup of movies (including all Disney productions, 20th Century Fox and Hulu productions, movies from the Marvel and Star Wars universes, ESPN sports broadcasts, and movies and series produced exclusively for the platform), there was no way the company would fail.

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It is estimated that Disney + today has more than 97 million subscribers , but there is a segment that has been left out of the platform so far: advertisers.

This could change.

The company is exploring the possibility of launching an inexpensive subscription option on the market that includes the presence of third-party advertisements. The request of the brands to be able to advertise within Disney + has existed since before it was launched on the market and although it could become a reality, there is still no clarity about how the ads would appear in the eyes of users; neither of the frequency.

This new business model would allow users to pay less for the service, knowing that the reproduction of series and movies would have the presence of third-party brands. The new subscription could be available in the United States at the end of 2022 and in other countries at some point in 2023 and undoubtedly implies a modification to the way in which the large streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime operate today. but it would resemble the free versions of music platforms such as YouTube Music and Spotify.

According to statements by Kareem Daniel , president of Disney Media and Entertainment, the measure benefits everyone as it would allow more customers to access their services while advertisers reach a larger audience.

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