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After developing them through a partnership with California-based plant-based meat maker Beyond Meat, fast food giant McDonald’s is set to introduce plant-based McNuggets to its menu. The McNuggets will be made from peas, corn, and wheat with a tempura batter. McDonald’s is hoping to appeal to a wider range of customers and build on the success of its McPlant burger, which has been a popular addition to the menu since its 2021 introduction.

As Fox Business reports, McNuggets will first be tested in Germany to gauge customer demand before sales in other markets. The McPlant burger will also be introduced, thanks to a successful limited-time test at nine Stuttgart area restaurants. The burger has already become a regular menu item in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, and the Netherlands.

Beyond Meat has experience co-developing plant-based products with other chains like Panda Express and KFC, and in 2021 the company began selling plant-based chicken in U.S. groceries. The move by McDonald’s towards more plant-based options is part of a broader trend in the fast food industry, with several chains introducing meat alternatives to their menus.

In addition to being part of the company’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices, adding plant-based McNuggets to the menu is an effort by McDonald’s to appeal to a more health-conscious customer base. With the rise of plant-based diets, the fast food industry must adapt to changing consumer preferences.


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