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Josh Snow returns to this week’s episode of Going Public to share details about his latest travels where he met all of our founders in person. We hear about his visit to Hammitt headquarters in Hermosa Beach, CA, to Miami where he sits down with the ladies of PROVEN, and his trip back to his own hometown in Phoenix AZ to see the team at NGT-Academy

Watch the sixth episode right now by clicking here.

This week we meet an actual student from NGT Academy whose post-military story will touch your heart.

We also learn about why TREBEL is excited about music superstars Maluma, Pitbull, JBalvin and Bad Bunny and a potential opportunity to quickly scale their user growth. 

Jeff Hoffman also returns this week to check on the progress of PROVEN. Will he consider a very special offer from founders Ming and Amy?

Finally, can chief cheerleader Tony Drockton convince billionaire Chris Burch to invest in Hammitt?

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Hammitt Offering Circular 

PROVEN Offering Circular

TREBEL Offering Circular 

NGT Academy Offering Circular


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